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Why we need to promote and support entrepreneurial thinking in schools


Hemma M. Allmann, at just 24 years young, is a powerful young lady and is a highly sought-after resource for personal growth/transformation and self-development. Her purpose is to help as many people as possible on this planet to live a life of infinite abundance, happiness, freedom, inner/outer fulfilment and peace! Hemma is an authentic leader specialising in personal growth, self-empowerment and self-improvement, especially for children, teenagers and young adults and has reached out to more than 1000 students in elementary schools, high-schools and universities to educate, train and transform them into a better version of themselves! For more than five years, Hemma has passionately researched and studied personal growth, transformation and meditation while sharing it with our world! And, in her own words, she likes to “Disrupt formal education through meditation, mindfulness and self-improvement.” She inspires, motivates and enlightens the future generation to take charge of their own lives and to recognise their own, divine and unlimited potential within!

Hemma M. Allmann grew up in a very small rural area in the south of Austria. She was always ‘out of the ordinary’ and had her own will and vision for her life even though, at one point, she felt very lost and was looking for her place in the world. Hemma followed her intuition to leave her country and go on a very long journey in order to ‘find herself’ and seek the answers that she desperately wanted to be answered.

Hemma eventually found her ‘WHY’ and decided to build her own business rather than going to university. She now teaches meditation, personal growth and development, focusing on schools and starting with children as young as five years old. To date Hemma has trained more than one thousand students in mindfulness, self-love, purpose and self-awareness.

When did you decide to leave your country and what did you find out while travelling around the world?
While in High School, I already knew that I was going abroad. At the age of seventeen I went  to England for the first time in my life to do my practical training for school – which back then was a school focused mainly on tourism and the economy. It was the first time that I went to the big city of London for a short visit and I was hugely inspired and impressed by that city, so much, that I promised myself  that I was coming back to live here after I had finished my A-levels. Two years later and while most of my other peers from school went to university, I fulfilled my own promise and went to London by myself. I ended up living in London for two years. This period shaped me a lot, as I grew up in the countryside in a very small village in Austria, so the huge city was a big thing for me.

I gained many life lessons that shaped who I am today.  After this time another dream that I wanted to fulfill was to travel to Asia and Africa. The main things that I discovered on my journeys was to realise how truly blessed and rich we are in Europe, aka the Western World.

It made me appreciate my life in Austria and the fortune and privileges that I can call my everyday blessings. And I also saw that the main thing that people in the so-called third world lack, is simply MONEY. It’s nice to give your time and volunteer, but money itself is the main thing that you need to change circumstances in those countries. So another aim for me is to keep building charities, to help people to help themselves.

Another big transformation that I gained, was that my mind and consciousness truly expanded. I realised that I live on a planet with unlimited abundance and possibilities. Whatever you dream to do, have and be,  it is already out there, you just have to go and get it. I met so many inspiring people that have achieved so much in their lives and this gave me the power to know that I can do that too and make all my dreams come true. To not settle for less than you are worth and to always live up to your greatest and maximum potential.

In Asia, I had the great pleasure to spend time with Buddhist monks and while teaching them English, I could learn from their lifestyle and their understanding of life. That was a huge experience for me as I gained a lot of insights while being there with them.

When starting my journey, my head and heart were full of questions, I mean really really deep questions, and honestly, while travelling, all my questions have been answered. All that we need is already within ourselves and all the answers to our questions are within ourselves too. We just have to find silence within our minds so that we can access and hear those answers. What we are passionate about and what attracts our interest is directly connected to our purpose and our calling.

Why did you decide to build your own business? What was the first objective that you had in your head?
During my time in London I met so many entrepreneurs; amazing people who all seemed to have it all,  their own businesses, being happy and making good money with it too.  I remember one lady who I consider as a mentor, saying to me : “Girl, you are worth so much more than £10 or £15 an hour, you are more worth than all the gold on earth, we ALL are. If I can live my dreams, serving humanity while being financially free and rich, so can you!“. I believed her and still today I have those words in my heart.

While living in London I had so many different jobs and none of them was fulfilling me. Plus, I just couldn’t stand it anymore to work for somebody else to make their dreams come true while not working on my own dreams and life.  I always knew there is more than this. For me, if it doesn’t resonate with my heart and soul and my personal highest visions for my life, then I simply cannot do it. Also, I intuitively knew that I was going to build my own dreams and work for myself, I just needed some time to sort all the details out.

My first objective really was to be the  change I wanted to see for myself in the world. In my specific case, it was the education system. I wanted to be the teacher, the mentor I wished I had in my school days in formal schooling. I remember how often I was so frustrated and angry in school for all the obvious nonsense that we had to repeat and learn. Most of it did not make any sense to me and I always knew that most of it will not be useful for the  ever-changing world outside. Nothing of what I learned would really contribute to my happiness and success in life. So I wanted to change that and be the ‘teacher’ that  I wished to have myself back then.

You have created a unique experience working with children – what have you learned from them?
Well, not only the very young kids, but also the teenagers. They teach me so much as well! They remind me how good life is and to always be curious, open and learn and grow. They are just so authentic and real and light-hearted. They are not afraid of their emotions and feelings. One minute they laugh, then they cry, then they just want to cuddle with you! We as adults have to remember this, to see life through the eyes of a child. They know their creative power, they know how powerful and unique they are. It’s just a shame that our education system does not really support this enough. It actually tries to do the opposite – making them conform and be like they are “supposed to be”. When being together with them, I feel very connected, loved and playful. It makes me become like a child again and I love it, and it’s also very good for nurturing my own inner child.

What do you think about the current school system? What needs to be changed?
A lot! First of all, we have to focus on helping the children from a young age onwards to develop and build their unique gifts and talents to the maximum potential. Independent thinking has to be promoted and supported. Simple basics as why our thoughts and emotions and feelings are the tools to create our life. Why do we actually have the ability to think? Why do we feel? How can I deal with my emotions and feelings in a healthy way? How can I create a happy and meaningful life ?

Another important part is to promote and support entrepreneurial thinking. Our education system is mainly set up in a way to make people conform into the system and it is abandoning the entrepreneurial, independent thinking spirit. I would say that seventy percent of what we are being fed in school with, we forget, because it has no  value for the real life outside of the classroom. Einstein has a quote which is so accurate “Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

I know so many people who have been in school for twenty or thirty years, finishing one degree after the other but are miserable and depressed and physically sick! Why? Because they have never been taught to do what makes them happy. They have multiple doctorate degrees and master’s degrees but inside they are empty. So to avoid all that, we have to drastically change the way we interpret our public or formal education. We have to accompany kids and teenagers and also adults, and show them a way to create their own lives of their highest dreams and to help them in the process of finding their place in the world, and their divine purpose. We are ALL here with a unique purpose and once we have found it we become UNSTOPPABLE – which automatically leads to happiness, health and fulfillment! So what most people need, in my opinion, is really someone helping them to figure out what their unique purpose is.

We have to focus on training and developing their mind, to use it to its maximum potential. We have to show them how to use their mind, emotions and feelings, to create their own reality. Emotional intelligence, self-love, compassion, self-awareness, emotional, mental and spiritual health, are big topics we have to focus on.

Who inspired, influenced and motivated you most in your life?
My parents are one of the biggest influencers I would say.  My father shaped my independence, taught me to think outside of the box, he taught me how important it is to stand on your own two feet and to be brave! My mother taught me how essential the faith in God or the universe is. My partner is my huge rock and motivator who always believes in my dreams and pushes me forward.

Once you have set up your life visions according to  your highest divine standpoint, this is, and will be, the most powerful motivation and inspiration that you need. It has an extremely magnetic, invisible force, that pushes you forward every single day. Know your vision, know your purpose, know your WHY and you will be motivated and inspired every single day. Then you don’t have to be pushed by other forces, as your inner pulling will be magnetic and strong enough to bring you forward!

Some legends who have definitely inspired me as well, would be, Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters, Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, T.Harv.Eker, Vishen Lakhiani and his Mindvalley school, Prince EA and many many more. I would love to meet those people in person too.

What challenges did you have to go through while growing your business?
For me, the most challenging time was when I committed and made the certain choice to do my own thing and to not look back from there. We have so many choices and possibilities but our lives only change when we DECIDE. It really was the decision itself to start my own business, raise my standards and to cut all other objectives that are not aligned with that choice – and to literally wipe every other option off the table.

I was quite young when I made that decision and while everyone around me was working for somebody else or went to university I chose a different direction, the road less travelled. It did feel lonely sometimes, and I had doubts. It was challenging to explain that to people around me, parents, family etc. as for many of them, they probably wanted me to do what everybody else was doing. Which is to go and get a job or to study something, as that’s what society tells us, right?

I chose to break all the rules and followed my heart and even though I had to love some people from a distance because of that, it was, and is, one of the best decisions in my life. I stayed true to myself and my purpose and my calling. Since DECIDING, everything just always falls into its place, and I know that once you make a CHOICE that is in alignment with your heart, the whole Universe or God supports you in the most miraculous ways.

What are your biggest dreams and objectives for 2018?
I intend to share my visions and purpose and connect with as many like-minded people as possible, those who have the same and similar visions and purpose as I do. The rule breakers, the rebels, and the world changers! I intend to collaborate with the best people around the world  in the self- development, personal growth, spirituality and business sector. I intend to work together with the best thought leaders around the world to create more impact and positive changes on our planet and in the education system. I intend to develop myself more and more as a speaker in those areas as well, and intend to serve millions of people around the whole globe to live a life of infinite abundance, freedom, happiness and peace.

I recently started my own YouTube channel “Inner Outer Change“ to inspire and educate more people all over the world, and I definitely want to grow this too,  and get professional recording equipment etc. Another big vision that I have, is to have my own Podcast  for personal growth and development, where I will be able to sit together with the biggest leaders of our world, in fields such as spirituality, health, business, and consciousness evolution. To create even more impact and education for as many people as possible. Only by transforming the individual can the collective can be transformed and therefore the entire world.

Furthermore, I definitely commit to keep growing and learning from and with the best people. This year I intend to go to the A-fest by Mindvalley, which is a huge meeting point for global thought leaders and visionaries.

Homepage: www.hemmaallmann.com
Email adress: hemmamallmann@gmail.com

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